Mercer GlassFab Limited Warranty

TEMPERED/ANNEALED ORDERS: Mercer GlassFab Llc. warrants that all tempered glass bearing our present trademark, complies with test requirements of the CPSC standard for architectural glazing materials 16CFR 1201 categories (I) and (II) as well as the ANSI-Z97.1-2015 Standard. Mercer GlassFab Llc. also warrants that all glass tempered bearing the above named trademark meets the ASTM C1048-04, ASTM C1036-06 for tempered specifications published by the American Society for Testing and Materials. SELLER MAKES NO WARRANTY THAT THE MATERIAL SHALL BE FIT FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR USE AND NO OTHER WARRANTY EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. The Customers’ exclusive remedy and the limit of the Seller’s liability for any loss or damage resulting from defective goods or from any other cause, shall be limited to replacement of the defective material, F.O.B. Seller’s plant or at the Seller’s option, to refund the purchase price, Mercer GlassFab will bear no other expense, such as labor costs of any kind, NOR SHALL MERCER GLASSFAB, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES BE LIABLE IN ANY WAY FOR INCIDENTAL SPECIAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGE OF ANY KIND OR NATURE. Purchaser’s exclusive remedy is limited to a replacement of the unit as noted above.

TRADEMARK/LOGO: Unless otherwise requested, all glass tempered by Mercer GlassFab will be permanently trademarked (Logo) in one corner, in accordance with FHA Minimum Properly Standard for Glass, Safety Glazing laws and the ANSI Standard Z-97.1-2015 all transparent and patterned tempered safety glass materials for construction use must be permanently marked. This marking will show the ANSI coding, the assigned SGCC number if applicable, the temperer and the nominal glass thickness. In addition, all fully tempered glass supplied by Mercer GlassFab will comply with the CPSC Standard for Architectural Glazing materials, 16 CFR 1201, categories (I) & (II).

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