Glass Fabrication

Here is a guide on some of our capabilities and limitations.

Glass Cutting – We utilize a computer controlled cutting line. We cut glass from ¼” to ½” thick. 

Edge Polish – All fabricated glass must have a seamed or polished edge. We can apply a flat polish or polish with a mitered edge. We miter any angle between 0° and 45° with 22.5° and 45° being standard. 

Hole Drilling – We can drill virtually any size hole.

Milling and Machining – Hinges for shower doors, buttress cutouts, corner notches, radius corners.

Maximum Size – 62” x 125”

Minimum Size to Temper – 10” on the diagonal

Minimum width for Edgework – 3 ¼”

Minimum Hole Size for Tempered Glass – Hole diameter must equal or exceed glass thickness. For example, in ¼” glass minimum hole diameter is ¼”.

Minimum Hole Distance from Edge – To temper, the distance between the edge of the hole and the edge of the glass hole must be a minimum of 2X the thickness of the glass. For example, in 3/8” glass the edge of the holes must be at least ¾” from the edge of the glass. The exception to this rule is if a relief cut is made from the glass edge to the hole. This will relieve the strain caused by tempering. If the hole is in the corner of the glass the minimum distance is 4X the thickness of the glass.

Maximum Width Ratio for Tempering – The width of the glass should be at maximum 1/10 of the height. For example, a 4” piece should be no more than 40” tall.

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